PTV SPORTS Biss Key Latest Updated:
Here are the PTV Biss Key updated 2016 for you. You can update your dish and watch PTV sport on your TV by updating the BISS Keys of PTV sports. We have provided the latest Biss key of PTV Sport for you, you can proceed to update your TV channels from below key.

 PTV Sports Biss Key
Updated 2016 PTV Sports & PTV Home

Paksat 1R & AsiaSat 3S

Key: E2 01 2D 00 C2 01 2F 00

PTV Sports Frequency:- 4004 V 3333
SID: 0001
video pid: 21

BISS KEY : A3 19 A9 DD D7 F1 AD DD
Biss Key. de 34 99 aa 9f ca b4 aa

Biss Key: A9 17 F2 00 D6 C7 E1 00

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